CNPGD Smartwatch Unlocked Review

CNPGD Smartwatch Unlocked image 1CNPGD Smartwatch Unlocked – View Type Cellular Phone + Bluetooth Smart Sync Observe + many more All-in-1 Watch
Watch Style Cell Phone:
• Place GSM 2G Micro sim card, use being a typical mobile phone.
• Call your carrier to verify if they’re GSM network (in USA, AT&T, T-Mobile is GSM, for others easier to call to confirm)
• Sim card must be 2G Micro Sim Card(3G or 4G sim card isn’t available).

Bluetooth Smartwatch:
• Hook Up With your Iphone or Android cellphone , Sync calls, contact phonebook history or music to this view.
• This purpose can be acquired with or without.
Android OS products such as drugs or smartphones, or • All IOS devices such as Iphone or Ipad will also be available.

Wellness Control Center(Construct-in features on watch):
• Pedometer / Sleep monitor / Sedentary indication

CNPGD Smartwatch Unlocked – Notice Center(limited to Android gadgets with installing presented apk-file):
Push smartphone app announcements such as
• Mail / Text messages / Facebook / Facebook / Whatsapp / Skype / Different apps

Press Control Center:
Build-in Features on watch
• Camera / Mp3 player / Alarm / Schedule / Calculator

The following features ARE JUST for Android OS units with installation of provided APK file:
• Anti-Lost: watch beeps away from smartphone 10 to 20-feet)
• Remote Camera Control: control Android OS System camera to take pictures or movies from watch)

Hitech plus artwork-design within your wrist
Yes, it is a cellular phone
• Revealed for all places’ GSM 2G Micro-Sim Card
• With build- Sedentary reminder, in camera, speaker, microphone, Pedometer, Sleeping check

Insert Sim Card, you can
Call & receive calls
• receive & Deliver Text
Put TF Memory-Card(around 32GB), you can
Take photographs, Films and style files
• Appreciate Movies and Audio on TF card

Sync calls to look at from Iphone or Android Phone
Yes, ADDITIONALLY IT IS a smartwatch!

Both on Android and Iphone phone, you’re able to Sync:
• Sync calls / Call record / Phonebook / Music / app audio that is Other
Solely on Android Telephone, by Installing presented apk-file
You are able to sync:
• Text message / Mail / Facebook / Twitter
• Whatsapp / Skype / Much more different apps

CNPGD Smartwatch Unlocked – You need to use this view being a smartwatch as well as a mobile phone in the same period!
Place legitimate sim card for the view, in the same moment, sync to Iphone or Android phone.
Switch the number on watch keypad, you’ll have 2 selections:
• get this call from the view sim card
• get this to call from Iphone or Android cellphone(display as from BT wireless)

Entertaining lifestyle, entertaining watch

Both living lover and company assistant
• very portable / Weatherproof
• Speech Recorder
• Analog watch faces
• More Languages on menu
• Journey Function / Calculator
• Alarm / Create-in Camera

Suitable for IOS & Android OS devices
• Iphone all types
• Ipad all versions
• Android OS Samsung, Moto, Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE, etc
• Android OS pills
IOS devices can only sync calls, call phonebook, background and audio

Health Center
• Pedometer
• Anti-Lost
• Rest Check
• Inactive Reminder

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  • Exclusive for CNPGD, Smart Watch + Cell Phone Watch + Health Control + Media Control
  • All in one, Smart Watch, Cell Phone Watch, Sync Watch in one watch, Insert Sim Card and use as a regular Cell Phone
  • Sync to Andriod or IOS smart phone and use as a smartwatch
  • Compatibility: All Android and iOS Mobile Phone & Android Tablet PC. Android Mobile Phone: Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE, OPPO, XIAOMI, and so on. iOS Mobile Phone: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s , iPhone 4, iPhone 4s (This APP can’ t be installed by iOS, Apple system can’ t sync SMS and Bluetooth push information, but other functions can be used by iPhone); Android Tablet PC: Samsung, Nexus, Onda, Newsmy, and so on

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