CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch for iOS and Android Review

CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch for iOS and Android Image 1CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch for iOS and Android – View Type Mobile Phone + Bluetooth Smart Sync View + many more all in-1 View

View Style Mobile Phone:
• Place GSM 2G micro-sim card, use like a normal mobile phone.
• Contact your provider to verify if they’re GSM community (in USA, AT&T, Tmobile is GSM, for others more straightforward to contact to confirm)
• Sim card must be 2G Micro-Sim Card(3G or 4G sim card isn’t available).

Bluetooth Smartwatch:
• Connect With Android telephone or your Iphone call phonebook background or audio for this view.
• This CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch for iOS and Android purpose can be obtained with or without.
• All IOS devices for example Ipad or Iphone, or Android OS products for example pills or smartphones will also be available.

Wellness Controlcenter(Develop-in capabilities on view):
• Pedometer / Sleep check / Inactive indication
Notice Center(just for Android products with installing of supplied apk-file):
Drive smartphone app notices for example
• Mail / texts / Facebook / Facebook / Whatsapp / Skype / apps that are Different

Press Control Center:
Create-in Capabilities on view
• Camera / Mp3 player / Alarm / Diary
The next capabilities ARE JUST for Android OS products with installing of supplied apk-file:
• Anti-Lost: view beeps from smartphone 10 to 20-feet)
• Remote Camera Control: control Android OS System camera to take pictures or movies from view)

Hi tech plus artwork-style inside your arm
Yes, it is a mobile phone
• Revealed for several nations’ GSM 2G Micro-Sim Card
• With build- Inactive indication, in-camera, audio, microphone, Pedometer check
Call & receive calls
• receive & Deliver Text
Place TF Memory(as much as 32GB), you are able to
Take style files and pictures, Movies
• Appreciate Audio and Movies on TF card

Sync calls to look at from Iphone Telephone
Yes, IT IS ALSO a smartwatch!

Both on Iphone telephone, you are able to Sync:
• Sync calls / Phone background / Phonebook / Audio / app audio that is Different
Just on Android Telephone, by Adding supplied apk-file
You are able to sync:
• text / E-Mail / Facebook / Facebook / Whatsapp / Skype / a lot more apps that are different
You should use this view like a CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch for iOS and Android along with a mobile phone in the same period!
Place legitimate sim card towards the view, in the same period, sync to Iphone telephone.
Call the amount on view keyboard, you’ll have 2 options:
• get this to phone in the view sim card
• get this to call from Iphone or Android telephone(display as from BT wireless)

Watch Mobile Phone + Smartwatch
Both living partner and company assistant
• More Languages
• Moving Alert
• Alarm

Suitable for IOS OS devices
• Iphone all types
• Ipad all types
• Android OS Samsung, Moto LG ZTE, etc
• Android OS pills
IOS devices can sync calls, phone phonebook background and audio

Health Center
• Pedometer
• Anti-Lost
• Rest Check
• Inactive Memory

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  • IPHONE can ONLY sync calls, no app needed; Android device can sync all with apk file installed. Smart Watch + Cell Phone Watch + Health Control + Media Control
  • Insert 2g gsm network sim card, it’s a regular watch style cell phone
  • Connect to Android Smartphone(available for all brand’s Android System smartphone) and Iphone, it’s a smartwatch
  • Install provided APK file on Android smartphone, this watch can sync message, email, facebook, twitter, whatsapp notifications

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CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch


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